Our Identity

defines our purpose towards building a more informed, engaged and outcome driven global community


As a catalyst for social impact and positive transformation, Civic Spectrum works at the intersection of research, policy advocacy, branding, art, communication, technology, and outreach services. We create powerful and impactful narratives that empower institutions, organisations, and communities in underserved sectors to amplify their work, brand, and causes.

Graphic Identity

The visual identity conceptualised and created by the founding team at Civic Spectrum embodies our values and mission. The minimalist single stroke graphic constitutes an unbroken bond that form two peaks, highlighted by two dots depicting entities working together towards shared goals. The significance lies in mirroring the ability to scale new summits through the power of collective action - where passion & purpose are driven by possibilities. The window of opportunity to do more is depicted through the open end of the graphic.


'Amplifying Social Impact' encapsulates our commitment to magnify positive outcomes of initiatives through transparency, inclusivity, collaboration, and innovation across sectors, with a goal to drive lasting change.


The simplicity of the identity, combined with wordplay, makes it easy to comprehend and relate with its field of work effortlessly. It conveys the importance of advocacy for social impact and positive change, and our commitment to amplify voices and support those in need of an opportunity to be heard.